Anima: Legends of Gaia

Book 1 Chapter 4

The Hunt

we'd just arisen from a night of uneasy sleep a good few hundred yards into the thicket, on the far side of a hill on the borders of the forest, away from the road..

Something made snow uneasy, and he barred his fangs, so Whistler asked Analise to climb a tree to have a look at the road.

it didn't take long for Analise to confirm Whistlers concern, we were being followed by a small band of armed people..

we readied our selves, with Zahur and Analise hidden for a surprise attack in case "Diplomacy" failed.. we waited, and when the people rounded the top of the hill, they came to a halt,  and after a brief exchange of pleasentries the one on horse back (clearly their leader) ordered them to open fire, so I stormed up the hill and incapacitated one of them, with a clean punch to the throat. before i knew it, Zahur was standing next to me, ferociously attacking one of the others.. and Snow had jumped a 3rd man tearing out the poor man's throat colouring it's otherwise white fur with the colour of blood.. and Orn Cleaved the leader's horse in two, and sent the leader to the ground with his sword sticking straight through the chest.., Snow jumped another and started another feast. Analise paralyzed a few of the men and before half a minute had passed the battle was over and the only two remaining was on the run, but both Zahur and I were in persuit, as we came close to catching up, I noticed another group of "soldiers" approaching,  i'm a good fighter, but even I know when it's time to cut short and call it a tie.. as I turned around I told Zahur that it was time to run, my words seemed to snap him out of the blood rush he was in, and he turned with me and we headed back double time, readying the horses, and packing up our camp somewhat rushed, and headed deeper into the forest, we travelled in a rushed pase, for a few hours, until we hit a small creek and went with it, to try and loose our pursuers, with more or less success.


before we knew it, we couldn't hear our pursuers any more, and we when we stopped to breathe, we were standing in some very very very old ruins, Orn went behind a wall to relieve himself, but shortly after we heard a creak and a crack, and then Orn's voice as he fell into the darkness.. we looked at the hole, and then lit a torch as I climped down the passage, when I reached the buttom the ground was shifting beneath my feet, and i saw a glimpse of Orn as he went through a door and closed it behind him.. the ground.. was littered with human bones, a battle had been fought here, a bloody one.. and it was a very long time ago anyone… anyone living had been here…


my only hope is that Orn isn't lost to us..
As much as I want to find my quarry I cannot leave Orn to die in a place like this..

May Amaterasu watch over us… this place shouldn't be disturbed…



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