Anima: Legends of Gaia

Book I - Interlude IV

The Harbringer and the Angel

Supreme Archon Matthew Gaul, Lord of Togarini and former Lord of War, walked with unimaginable grace down the hall. Accompanied by the two Azur Arbiters known as The Hands of Gaul. To the left walked Karlagne, and to the right walked Alzen. Both of them were wearing masks that covered their face attached with devices that slightly altered their voice – as was all Abiters.

Matthew glanced sideways at Alzen. “Is everything in place?”

“Yes, my Lord” answered Alzen, “The divination platform is ready, and he has already contacted us”.

Matthew looked slightly annoyed. “He is too early. This does not bode well”.

The three entered a small room where a small platform showed a blueish figure standing in a calm pose.

“So, how is Americh and have you completed your task?”, Matthew didn’t try to hide his apparent annoyance.

“No, Master. There has been a turn of events. It seem that the Ever-Born is already in possession of two of the Pearls of Essence…..and the Church has been alerted.”

Matthew took a few seconds to recover from that particular piece of information. “This is most inconvenient. Mumei, see to it that both The Order of Yehudha and Samael gets the information. They will probably try to destroy each other in an attempt to get the Ever-Born on their side. Who has the 13th Cardinal sent to do the job?”.

Mumei visibly hesitated, “The Hand of Azrael – High Inquisitor Nero, Master.”

So, the Church meant business. The Hand of Azrael was one of the most proficient warriors in all of Gaia, and known for his general lack of ability to see anything other than in terms of black and white. Azrael, Queen Of Swords, had chosen her champion well.

“You have done well, Mumei. Keep me informed.”. The image flickered and disappeared.

The Supreme Archon stared into the darkness. Soon it would be time. 

Somewhere deep below the surface of Gaia, a small red light pulsed gently in the darkness.

At the same time somewhere on the surface of the planet two small pearls – one black, and one white – touches each other. A seemingly insignificant event.

The small red light stops pulsing.

A dim steady green light takes its place, and a small screen lights up the darkness.



A small spark shows in the darkness, and for the first time in over 700 years, the slow hum of starting generators, and the ambient buzz of high-powered electrical circuits filled the large dome.

Somewhere in the darkness, there is a sharp intake of breath, followed by a heart-scattering scream that echoes through the entire dome. The screams of a young girl waking form her worst nightmare.

A single tear runs down her chin.

It has begun.



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