Anima: Legends of Gaia

Book 1 - Interlude V

Too many questions

Nero didn't know what was down there in the darkness. But he knew that no-one could remember if anyone had ever returned from the Vaults of Memory.

Maybe this time it would be different. Maybe this time the Ever Born would choose the path of light, and not end up as puppet of Evil like the last time. Maybe the world would be a better place if the Ever Born could keep the balance. Maybe they would all die down there in the darkness.

Too many questions and so few answers.

Far, far below the surface, a young girl was crying alone in the cold and empty void beneath the world. All she remembered was a glimpse of a gray-haired middle-aged man with eyes of infinite melancholy. Looking at her and uttering the first words she ever heard, and the last ones he would ever say.

“And your name will be Elhazzared, meaning ‘The Lost Paradise’”

And then silence and darkness.

She looked at her hands. They where being illuminated by the cold blue electrical light of the generators powering the machine. 

Who…am I?



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