Anima: Legends of Gaia

Book I - Interlude III

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

The smoke was still visible from the tower of the Americh cathedral. From his chambers Nero observed the site and the highway leading south with interest.

Farther Menoran spoke with a hint of genuine concern “Are you sure it was the Ever-Born, my lord?”

“Yes, Farther. I am sure”, Nero replied without turning away from the window.

“And you are absolutely certain that we should let it leave the city?”. Farther Menoran didn’t seem disturbed by the fact that he was addressing a High Inquisitor.

So far everything had worked out as Nero had expected, except the fact that the Ever-Born had tried to flee form the fire. Getting the White pearl to the Ever-Born had been quite tricky, but gold could buy you anything here – including impossible favors. The one thing he hadn’t anticipated was, that the old enemy would move as fast as they did. The appearance of the Black pearl had shown one thing. They too knew that the Ever-born had come. He had expected the Magus order of Yehudah to find out eventually, but this open move was unexpected.

He knew that Samael had one of their primary meeting places deep in the Darkness, and they would most certainly be informed by now. What would their move be? Would they protect or kill the Ever-Born? Could they afford another apocalypse?

“I will go after them myself, Father. There is too much at stake to take any chances. Inform the 13th Cardinal that we need to move fast and with extreme care, and don’t let anyone here know that I have left”



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