Orn Gjevik


Orn, is a tall man, well over two meters. His skin is rough from the cold weather of Haufman. He possesses a body which is full of muscles, and long brown almost blackish hair. His beard of same color, is long and thick, sometimes braided in a majestic braid.

All this, is for the most time concealed by his huge full plate armor, and his great helm, which he keeps on during most of his travels. His armor and helm, almost completely black, as to intimidate his foes.

Even though he seems big and scary, Orn has a heart of gold, and rarely kills, only if it’s completely necessary, his fighting skills are not as good as he wanted them to be, but he can indeed take a punch or two, and therefore sees himself as more of a protector than a fighter.


Early years

In his early years, Orn was one of the smallest of his friends, and since he was born in the Gjevik family he was seen as a higher standing kid, than his peers. Life was tough for Orn, but he always kept a smile on his face, because he remembered a saying his mom used to tell him. “When life get tough, remember Wunjo, and I will always be in your heart” Wunjo being the goddess of happiness. His mom told him this very saying daily, and it is a constant reminder of the happiness he felt in his heart. At the age of thirteen, he had grown immensely, now he was almost one point eight meters tall. And he had been training, training for the ritual of “The Frist Blood” a ritual in where a young boy or girl, has to earn their adulthood by gaining their first kill, this is done by sending the child out into the forest, and not allowing them to return until they have killed an animal and come back wearing its skin. This orn did in two days. And thus he was a man.


Orn Gjevik

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