Anima: Legends of Gaia

Book 1 Chapter 5

A light in the dark.

slowly but securely the rest… meaning Analise, Whistler and Zahur joined me in the deep dark.. in the search for Orn, we spread out as much as our light sources allowed us, and started searching. after a few minutes we found a door, once in a while some of us could hear a feint echo of Orn..

we tried wrestling with the door, but it was Analise who managed to force it open..

on the other side we were met with a dread gaze, Orn Badly wounded, was holding his own against half a dozen skeletons… the undead, By Amaterasu! both Zahur and I as well as Whistlers little fire Salamander rushed in to help Orn, though he fell… for the first time since i left the monastery I lost my sense of cool, pushing and smacking the skeletons, little did it help, and it wasn't soon after that I too lost consciousness, only to wake up with the skeletons defeated, both whistler and Zahur where covered in blood. It was then, Neo entered the room behind us, shining a light in the darkest of places, if it wasn't because i knew how his order had treated people in the past I'd almost be convinced that he brought hope to us.. as he drew his sword, he began to speak, i remember little of that encounter truth be told, I was almost paralyzed because I knew that if he attacked, we wouldn't last a second… we might last 10 seconds in top condition, but half of us were exhausted, on the brink of collapse. All I remember is some of the words that came out of his mouth, – "so far you've proven to be walking the path of evil, this is your last chance ever born, turn to the light or I will hunt you down again, and next time I will not spare you, any of you"… as he turned to leave I regained my composure, and ushered the others through the door and closed it…

what are we going to find in the depths… and will we survive? I have to survive.. of that I am certain!



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