Anima: Legends of Gaia

Book 1 - Interlude VI

The begining of the end

“It can not end this way.” As he spoke, his tears mixed with the rain drops streaming across his face.

Rah contemplated the dark horizon from atop of the tower of the tribute. Around him, as far as the eye could see, only the agitated sea extended, illuminated periodically by rays of lightning. He could not see them yet, but he felt them approach inexorably. In a few hours the boats and citadels would reach the coasts of Tol Rauko and not even he could stop them all.

During several long minutes he remained thus, soaked in the middle of the rain like a black spot that split the gray firmament in two. He had the cape surrounding him completely, which gave him the aspect of a bird of bad omen between grotesque metal gargoyles. Through his head, thousands of plans still spun, desperate plays that could upset all of this and give him back control, although he knew that he was only lying to himself. The Brotherhood no longer existed. His armies, were devastated. He had lost the war and the world escaped inevitably from his hands without anything that he could do to return it. For someone who tried to destroy destiny, what awaited him in the future was becoming very clear before his eyes.

The dream cracked like fragile crystal.

Wandering in his thoughts, he would have remained thus for hours if not for a sensation that removed him from his lethargy. Even in the distance, hundreds of miles away, he could perceive a different presence from the others and an ironic smile was drawn on his face.

“Zhorne Giovanni…” He murmured between half closed eyes with certain melancholy. “After all this time, we will finally be able to meet.”

“It’s strange, you know? You and I look much alike, more than what either of us would be willing to admit. Both of us have fought against an unknown adversary and have lost everything. Comrades, friends, the people whom we loved…”

“What keeps you going, my enemy? What is it that makes you keep advancing towards me in the middle of all the chaos and the storm? Is it hatred? Hope, perhaps? Or is it possible that you are just like me…that simply, you no longer have anything else left…”

As if he had just finished waking from a bad dream, Rah raised his head slowly and watched the skies with arrogance, which answered him with a challenging powerful thunderclap.

“Thus you think that you have won again…that in the end, as always, everything happens just as you have planned it. I suppose that this will not have seemed to you more than a mere game. A stupid boy trying to do something too great for him.”

“You will probably never worry about anything I did. Or perhaps… Or perhaps you will? Not for what I am, nor why I have been. But because of what I represent.”

Distracted by that thought, Rah lowered his head while he adopted a burlesque expression.

“Tell me. Did you fear me? Me? A simple man? Do not worry, I will still give you many reasons to do so by far.”

And then, already on the brink of desperation and madness, he laughed, but his bitter outburst was dragged away by the strong storm winds.

He was not going to give up.

In his soul he knew what he had to do.

In fact, he always knew.

- Beyond the Dreams. Vol. 1



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