Anima: Legends of Gaia

Book I - Interlude IIX

Silence in Heaven

Rah descended the long dark stairs that went down into the depths of the earth. His vision was clouded by pain and fatigue, but he knew each corner of those steps by heart, every stone of that put his bloody hand on the circular panel. He could even walk down with his eyes shut.

When he reached the bottom, he stopped staring the enormous metal doors. Despite the protections they had, he felt the extraordinary power that crackled inside. Very slowly he removed a gauntlet and put his bloody hand on the circular panel.

“Opening the first six seals.”

With a dull thud, the entire metal surface began filling with bright symbols, forming a scintillating cabalistic tree with seven sephirots. When it completed itself, the mystical metal layers of the door began to separate one after another and Rah entered the very heart of Tol Rauko.


Before him stretched a vast machinery for miles beneath the earth, digging into the very roots of existence. Hundreds of floating panels surrounded his body, full of quantum and supernatural formulas. The Lord of Judas observed everything meticulously while he moved through the colossal room. Millions of souls of both gods and mortals had accumulated in those metal ramifications, a power just beyond mankind’s grasp. When  he passed through the center he could not help but outline a sardonic smile when he noticed the thirty black metal pieces located in the central panel but, without stopping, continued on to his destination.

There was an enormous crystal cylinder full of tubes in the center of the room, inside of which was a suspended woman in a deep slumber. She was beautiful in a way hard to explain, so much to force the poets to stop dreaming. Watching her, Rah’s expression changed slightly and his eyes filled with a certain melancholy.

“I am sorry. Though you are not yet prepared, I have nothing left.”

With tenderness, he ran his bloody hand over the crystal, leaving four long red streaks. For the first time in a while, sadness overcame him.

“Perhaps this is a mistake. Somebody once told me that we must never lose hope, but it’s strange…those words are now hollow to me.”

“You know? I would have liked to teach you about many things, both good and bad. A sunset, a crying child, a mother’s pain in childbirth. Now we can no longer do this together.”

“Sometimes I wonder… When did we lose our history? How did we lose control of our own destiny? Perhaps… it was never ours? Maybe the world I was going to create was much worse.”

“But it would have been ours.”

Rah’s hand slowly fell on the central Control Panel of Utnapishtim. Dozens of wires burrowed into his flesh, ripping through sinews and veins until it fused to his nervous system in his spine. The pain was unbearable.

“Opening the seventh seal. Let there be silence in heaven.”

Suddenly, one after another, all the panels in the room went out simultaneously while a colossal sephirotic tree began to form; first throughout all Tol Rauko, through the Inner Sea, and shortly after, everywhere in the world. The cabalistic structure was so titanic that it could be seen from the stratosphere.

And while his body and soul were torn by the insane power he had triggered, the voice of Rah echoed for the last time in all creation. His words were imbued with a sad and solemn tone, like that of someone bringing bad news.

“And your name will be Elhazzared, meaning ‘The Lost Paradise’”.

And then the world shattered.

And from its pieces was only silence.

-Beyond the Dreams. Vol. 1



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