Analise Weiss




Growing up as middle class in the Torgari Empire, Analise knew very well what i meant, if some one manifested supernatural powers, she heard stories and has even seen a few people get dragged away never to return, so when her own powers began to manifest at the age of 15 she ran, she only packed the essentials items and a cross necklace to remind her, of the family she left behind after months of traveling by the road, she ended um in Americh.
Americh the city that would be her home for next 7 years, to survive in the bad neighboorhood where she lived, she ended up joining one of the local gangs, her job was to be a guide for visitors to the city, then duing her tour lead them to The Sniping Streets, where the gang would ambush their next payday and if she was doing her guiding job, she would deliver less than legal goods, to buisness partners outside the city, and bring the payment home.
On one of these runs she ran into a traveling Tao and her Servant.

Analise Weiss

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