Blind wizard


Taller then the average Shivat Whistler still looks small compared to Orn. Where he stands out is in his garb. He is dressed like a like a warrior monk and always carries his staff that he uses to navigate. On his back he carries a wooden figurine carefully wrapped in cloth to protect it.

He is often accompanied by one animal or another. At first his companions thought this weird as they obviously weren’t his pets. They have since found out he uses their eyes in place of his own. He will seldom use the same animal for long explaining how “they need their own freedom”.

Aside from his he carries a backpack with his medical supplies and his instruments. When money is tight he makes money either as a doctor or a musician.


Whistler was born in the land of Phaion Eien Seimon in a village close to Castle Takeda. His father was a soldier in the army of The Shadow of the Emperor, his mother a seamstress.

He was born blind and had his family been poorer would have most likely been abandoned at birth. Instead he had a relative peaceful and happy childhood. Always happy he would roam the village with his walking stick and if he got lost he would sit down and whistle until someone found him and guided him home, this is how he got his nickname. At the age of six the person to find him was a traveling merchant, intrigued by the blind child whistling alone at the side of the road he brought him back to town and gifted him a small penny whistle. From that day Whistler loved music and would practice every day.

While playing the most amazing thing would happen, animals large and small would seek him out. Maybe they sensed he wasn’t a danger to them, maybe it was the music, whatever it was he would always have animal friends even when the village kids wouldn’t play with him.

When he turned eight his father was promoted to the Voidlords and moved permanently to live at the castle. This was no place for a blind eight year old and his parents left him in the care of the local Shukyokami monastery. The monks praised Whistler for his musical talent and he had a purpose there. As he grew into a teenager he started sensing the energy of living things around him. This turned out to be his natural affinity for essence magic manifesting. Over the next decade he expanded his magical knowledge and in the end this set him free. He learned to share the senses of others and for the first time in his life he could see.

His mother would visit the monastery every year on his birthday but he never saw his father again. On his 25th birthday she failed to show up and he went “looking” for her. When he reached Castle Takeda he found out that she had been traveling with his father’s company on a visit to Gabriel. The company was ambushed along the way, most the guards, including his father, died protecting the retreat of the Fourth Lord of Wars nephew. No one knew what happened to his mother or the other women following the soldiers but they were presumed dead.

While it have been almost ten years he never completely gave up hope and he carries with him a one foot statue of her likeness he was given when he was sent to the monastery.

Code of conduct: His connection to the essence of the universe means he will try to avoid unnecessary harm to others. Including healing anyone hurt by him or his companions. The sight of the lifeforce dimming and disappearing from people that die is deeply traumatising to him. He prefers nuts and berries as they can be picked without harming the plants. While travelling he always carries a small bag of various seeds that he spreads wherever he goes.

Healing: As part of his code he will give healing freely to anyone in need. If he is unable to heal using his knowledge of medicine he isn’t scared to use magic to help although run ins with the church have had a few close calls.


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