Yi Ling Zhao (Righteous Spirit)


long black hair braided into a hair whip, running down the length of her spine. she is wearing a white Qigong for males, she has a sling bag with some food and a scroll, and she carries a adorned Katana on her back like a quiver of arrows..

she is graceful and pleasent to the eyes, few movements she makes is wasted..

however the other people she’s traveling with is without the shadow of a doubt aware, that she is hunting someone, and she is determined to catch that someone…
she’s never once drawn her katana and only ever takes it off her back when she goes to sleep, even then she holds it like any other normal person would a younger sibling..

she is kind hearted and resolute, polite and charming… some people of the west only ever makes the mistake of treating her as a prostitute once though, for she is proud of her heritage, and she doesn’t take well to insults, for they question her virtue and her honor.


Yi Ling Zhao (Righteous Spirit)

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