Anima: Legends of Gaia

Book 1 Chapter 6

into the depths

after a near fatal encounter with half a dozen skeletons, followed by a visit by a High Inquisitor, we rested a bit, before venturing forth, the path revealed a massive cave system, with an underground river, we ended up on a plateau with the river going into a tunnel, with a pathway on the opposite side of the wall from us… 
I had little trouble getting around, but it almost proved too much of a challenge for Orn, and the others, with a bit of ingenuity, we managed to get everyone across though.. 

while the others rested a bit, I scouted ahead, I found another massive cave, and a stair leading down to another plateau, but I could hear some voices speaking in a guttural tongue.. I went back to the others and rested a  bit as well, and shared what I'd learned.

after a few hours we continued and got to the opening, speaking very hushed we communicated between each other that the creatures we saw, were not hostile by nature, so we approached them carefully, while making sure none of us seemed threatening. the two "guards" turned to us, spoke quickly and then one of them jumped into the water, and appeared on the far side, near some old buildings. moments later 5 or 6 others jumped into the water and emerged on the plateau we were standing on.

one looked to be different, his skin a distinct darker tone.. it seemed to be in charge. Whistler talked to them in a calm voice for a while, and it became clear to me that they understood him.

whistler asked if they'd let us pass their territory, but the dark toned one insisted that we provided a gift of appeasal, we tried a few different things, but in the end, it was Whistlers Flute music that was the key.. he played… and his play.. and if the Kamis could hear it.. they too would weep a tear of joy, at having lived to hear it.. it was a piece of such beauty that it transcended mortal ken… from that moment on there was no doubt in my mind, Whistler was the ever chosen, and I'd give up my life to protect him.

however enough of my thoughts.. the dark toned one, was clearly as moved as we were..
he granted us safe passage, and allowed us to rest in their village, we accepted as we were all very tired, in their town we saw a statue of what Whistler told us was a young female Undine, a powerful and sentient water elemental. It was holding a Blue pearl, judging from Whistlers facial expression it contained Magic, on par with the two pearls we already possess… the High Inquisitor told us to gather 5 pearls, and if he is to be believed this is what we came here for.



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