Anima: Legends of Gaia

Yi Ling

- In between.

Where am I, what is this?… 

I woke up floating in perfect darkness, sounds? only the ones I made myself. All muffled.. and a strange echo.. 

then out of the darkness an oval window formed, and I could see myself playing at the temple where i grew up.. by my self, and then he was there… He was the only one of the other students that hadn't mocked me, the only girl to enter into martial training in 50 years.. 

the window blurrs and a new image emerges.

I'm 16 and graduating well ahead of any other students my age.. I am so proud.. and so in love, the fool that I am.. Image fades and a new one appears

it's a stormy night i'm 20, my love, rival in martial arts, and my closest friend, didn't show up for the meeting.. I waited for 6 hours in the pouring rain..

image fades and a new one appears.

It's early morning, and we're eating when I'm called to the grand master's audience chamber.. when I get there I sense something is off.. the atmosphere is extremely tense, and there are members of the imperial guard present. along with 9 of my seniors. the grand master tells us that last night a member of our order tried to assassinate the emperor.. and without letting himself be interrupted by the imperial messenger asks us in as mild a manner as he always speaks, if any of us knows anything about this.. naturally we all shake our head.. and he then nods at the dean who presents each of us with a Katana, and instructs us on our mission to retrieve the supposed assassin, by force if nessecary, and if he proves himself guilty, he is to fall on the sword, and be beheaded straight after.. IF he comes quietly, he is to be returned to the temple and face an inquiry.. and first after careful deliberation, handed over to the imperial court.

Image Blurrs and a new one appears.

i'm in my room crying my lunges out.. when i hear a light tap on the door, and the grand master enters.. he's been like a father to me, for as long as I can remember….. he knows my heart maybe better than I myself do.. and he informs me of the importance that I be part of the search.. namely that the others are more inclined to kill him rather than bring him back..
the old man is sly as ever, but also kind, wise and just.

image blurs and a new one appears.

I'm in the south, I've just bought a slave and am trying desperately to teach him about the meaning of free will..

Image blurs and new one appears.

I'm at a border check point heading north following a lead, when some girl bumps into me and smiles while scurrying off, when i check my pockets i find a small package, right when the border guards call me over.. i freeze for less than a split second, and aproach.. they ask if i'm carrying anything taxable, I shake my head.. they let me and Zahur pass, without too much fuzz.. on the other side I spot the girl aproaching me and she sees that I see her.. she walks off but after a while I catch up, and descretely hands her the package, and we begin to talk, I learn that she's heading north to make a delivery, and we more or less agree to travel together..

Image blurs and a new one appears.

I'm in the north asking around town for a Shivatan man matching a certain description when a burly rather big guy approaches me, saying that he's seen a man matching the description.. he is carrying a large sword.. of primitive design yet flawlessly crafted.. he tells me that he was moving south the last time he saw him.. 

image blurs and a new one appears.

on the way south we see a lone wanderer flanked by a small group of highwaymen and decide to help him out, after we sent two of them to meet their respective makers the others take flight.. he introduces himself as whistler and although he pretends to be blind, he does seem to be well aware of his surroundings.

image blurs and a new one appears.

we arrive at Americh, then a house on fire, and me jumping through the flames, next us on the road fighting for our lives, then a pursuit through the forest. then old ruins, skeletons fighting, getting hurt, walking, helping the others cross obstacles, fighting a Undine, starting the fight with a fire elemental-ish demon then nothing.. the window closes and I am left in Darkness again.

then I hear a voice.. calling, gently, it's my old master… and I feel a warmth so warm so gentle, and then I wake up..



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